Defiant Pixel Society is a collective of artists, developers and creators that work together to generate NFTs for the benefit of collectively being a single brand, with fair representation based on value creation.

DPS Logo
DPS Logo

Members are encouraged to learn, share and participate. Members may submit up to ​2 pieces of art per month for a share for each piece that gets minted by the DAO. Alternatively, individuals can participate in co-creation. Contributing to co-creation or group themes that get minted earn a share but does not count as a piece submitted for the month.

This monthly “submission” gives members access to our community channels. All members of the DAO receive equal voting rights.

Members can also earn shares by leading workshops or introducing new tools and techniques.

Team Members

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penguin Heilman

Genesis PNG

I am a small flightless bird utilizing web3s tool like DeFi, DAO and NFTs to be follow my passion as an entrepreneurial artistic programming scientist law student.

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Kyle Stargarden

Cyborg Creative

Pushing the enhanced Renaissance to new levels.

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Lahcen KH


I am a crypto-space fan, a pixel arts slayer , DAOs lover and a mathematics teacher..

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TechnoAudioVisual Artist

A designer who's glad he might be able to earn a living through art

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