DAO Rules

Defiant Pixels Society

Defiant Pixel Society is a collective of artists, developers and creators that work together to generate NFTs for the benefit of collectively being a single brand, with fair representation based on value creation.


Members join together to mint and sell art under the DPS Brand. Members will network with other communities that require minting or design services.

We will manage bots, NFT minting and sales contracts to promote web3 and brand value.


Members are encouraged to learn, share and participate. Members may submit up to ​2 pieces of art per month for a share for each piece that gets minted by the DAO.

Alternatively, individuals can participate in co-creation. Contributing to co-creation or group themes that get minted earn a share but does not count as a piece submitted for the month.

This monthly “submission” gives members access to our community channels. All members of the DAO receive equal voting rights.

Members can also earn shares by leading workshops or introducing new tools and techniques.


​There are three purposes of the Defiant Pixel Society DAO:

  1. 1. Deciding which art should get minted by the DAO.
  2. 2. Deciding which new members applications make it into the DAO.
  3. 3. The DAO will support tools that enable web3 communities.

DPS tools enable subsidized minting of artwork access to tools, bots, profit share of artwork, marketplaces and other members We will help buidl the future of web3 with an NFT first approach. We will utilize our skills to support our designs and other web3 communities. Members vote on which art to mint is critical to the DAO’s success. It is in our mutual benefit to create great art and ensuring our time and work gets rewarded properly. We also all have a vested interest in ensuring our work and time gets rewarded properly.


The purpose of the DAO is to curate amazing artists that want to contribute to a collaborative experience. We fund minting and explore the potential of smart contracts and automation in the field of NFTs.

  1. 1. Artists will retain all IP for pieces they contribute to the DAO.
  2. 2. Artists have the final say in allowing or disallowing collaboration and extension of their original work.
  3. 3. Artists that create collaboratively, get rewarded for their contributions proportional to their effort.
  4. 4. Artists receive 90% of funds from primary sales with 10% of sale going to the collective.
  5. 5. Artists can receive royalties from secondary sales of works.
  6. 6. Artists gain control of a means to fund activity and reward members for participation.
  7. 7. Artists can leave the group at any time via rage quit.
  8. 8. Artists are not required to submit art, but will be mark inactive if they have not submitted art within the previous 3 months.
  9. 9. Artists agree that internally shared artwork can not be reproduced or published in any artwork without the consent of the creator and will discuss or disclose per-released works they may gain access to.


DPS is currently on discord and telegram and supports bots for discord. We have a mainnet OG DAOstack DAO formed March of 2020; but are formed now on DAOHaus xDai and rallying to support ChievMint!